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mySports Florida is back and get ready for so much content it'll make your head spin!

2022 has been a wild year and while we started out hot, we fizzled over the summer. That's life sometimes, but we are back, rejuvenated and plan to have some awesome new content that all starts soon.

Been there, heard that. What does it all mean!?

Glad you didn't ask, It means that this website, and socials, will have a renewed interest with more consistent posts and a schedule of content including:

  • Weekly blog posts about specific individual topics. Anything from player profiles to game recaps or rule changes. Of course all with a Central Florida flair.

  • A new podcast focused on a weekly recap of Orlando area sports. It may even touch on some topics covered in the weekly blog posts but it will also have specific content like overall recaps of multiple games and events in the area.

  • A focused set of articles on the return of the XFL to the Orlando area with detailed looks at the team and coaching staff. All leading up to another weekly podcast focused on the Orlando Guardians with in-depth looks at each game and other stories around the team each week!

  • The return of the original! We will be bringing back the Stitch By Stitch podcast where we will focus on the Tampa Bay Rays and other big stories around the league.

Oh dang! That is a lot of new content!

You are right, it is. And I couldn't be more excited to get started on it! Make sure to subscribe to the website to receive notifications and follow us on social media @mySportsFlorida for even more up to the minute opinions and news.

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