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Welcome to mySports Florida!

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Join us as we travel the state for all things Florida Sports

Stationed out of beautiful Orlando, mySports Florida's goal is to give you the stories that Floridians want about their local sports teams and cities. Not the national spin that everyone else can give you, but a uniquely local voice that you can only get from people who live and enjoy these sports on a regular basis and who understand the unique position of sports in the Sunshine State.

The new logo for mySports Florida

Our Focus

Being located in the City Beautiful Orlando there will be a major focus on the sports landscape of Central Florida and the continued progress for the area to become a focal point of the sports arena. With 2 major league franchises, a soon-to-be Power 5 athletics program, world class facilities that host major events like college bowl games, the NFL Pro Bowl and FIFA World Cup Qualifying matches and so much more, Orlando is an obvious choice as our main lead. But don't think we will be ignoring other sports around the state. As major stories arise you can rely on mySports Florida to give you in-depth coverage and analysis all over the state.

A great example of our varied interests around the state include being the posting home for Stitch by Stitch: A Tampa Bay Rays Podcast that focuses on the dealings of the Tampa Bay Rays of the MLB. Analyzing topics like the teams utilization of the shift and how they changed how the league as a whole adopted the defensive tactic to the potential move of the franchise over the next few years, Stitch by Stitch is an important addition to the website and we look forward to it's season 2 coverage of the Rays beginning this spring.

Enjoy the Ride

All in all, this site really is about sports and we intend to keep it that way. We really hope you enjoy your time on the site, please make sure to like and subscribe and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @mysportsflorida for up to the minute reactions!

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