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And with the first pick in the XFL Draft, Orlando selects.....

The 2023 season is over and after a tough 1st season in the league, the Orlando Guardians have the first pick in Fridays draft. But who is available?

1-9. That is the record it takes to finish last in the first season of the XFL, at least this time around of the XFL. And as the league prepares for it's first ever successive season, that means we will have a rookie draft. Now don't get over excited, remember the XFL is a developmental league. You aren't going to see the top tier names that we've grown accustomed to, no these will be the guys that left a little something to be seen still. Even after the NFL draft and the undrafted free agent signing period, these are the guys after that.

courtesy of : @XFL_PR

And while it doesn't have the pomp and circumstance of the NFL Draft, this will be a virtual draft not at Radio City Music Hall, it doesn't make it not important. There will be names you see called you will recognize, like Isaiah Bowser from UCF who didn't stick with the Buffalo Bills after an invite to camp after the NFL Draft, and guys you haven't heard of from unheralded schools that epitomize what this league means, including the recent HBCU Showcase hosted by the XFL . And after a year where over 100 XFL players received NFL camp invites, it shows just how important this type of developmental league is to the sport.

But what do you think? Any players you are excited to see in the league next year? Let me know in the comments! Want to get caught up on the last season of Guardians football? Checkout "Stand Guard: An Orlando Guardians Podcast" anywhere you listen to podcasts, or follow the link below! And don't forget to check us out on social media @mySportsFlorida for up to the minute analysis on all things Orlando sports.

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