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The XFL is here in Orlando, but now what?

The Guardians are set to begin their first XFL season on February 18th, but what will make them different than every other "Spring League" that has come through the city? Chairwoman Dany Garcia addressed that and more.

Those of you that know me know, I am pro Spring Football. There is too much talent in the college game for there not to be a successful developmental league. But time and time again, as a city and for leagues overall, I have been proven wrong. Whether it was the AAF and their ideas of grandeur when in reality they didn't have a dime to their name, the current iteration of the USFL that did not play games outside of Birmingham last season and won't be playing in their team markets again this coming season, or XFL 1.0 and the Orlando Rage that burned so brightly and fizzled so quickly, no one has been able to figure out how to sustain a league. Dany Garcia hopes to change that.

XFL Chairwoman Dany Garcia
XFL Chairwoman Dany Garcia address the Orlando media (photo by Greg Rhodes)

And she has a plan. Or at least is saying all the right things about a plan. When addressing the Orlando media, Garcia focused on the "long term" of the Guardians. Where other leagues may have relied on early ticket sales, which according to Garcia the league is at "80% to plan", and media deals, where she did mention the XFL and Disney media partnership, she believes they have the right investment partnerships that will allow them to endure the "burden of the league for 3-5 years to build" as she put it.

But didn't all the rest of these leagues have the same plans and expectations? Long-term growth, investors, etc.? Of course they did! But what makes XFL 3.0 different? Nothing, yet. With less than 30 days till the season begins and teams now entering their 3rd week of training camp, this will look and feel like "minor league" football because it is. But with the level of talent that goes undrafted or bounces around practice squads, there is good football out there. And it doesn't have to be NFL level or compete with the NFL which is where the modern XFL and it's mindset might have a real shot.

This is just the beginning of the XFL 3.0 journey here in Orlando and we will have it covered for you here at mySports Florida! Remember to follow and subscribe for updates on upcoming articles, including a 3 part series that will start next week that will break down the team from the offense, defense/special teams, and the coaching staff, leading up to the first episode of the Stand Guard podcast premiering on Friday, February 17th, and then every Monday after that to recap the game, preview the next and other stories surrounding the team!

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